We will send you a message the day prior to check-out with this information.

Check-out time is 10am. We ask that you help make the cleaning streamlined so the next guest can arrive on time:

  • Fill and run the dishwasher
  • Place the electrical equipment back as you found them, including any cords
  • Take the trash to the outside bin, make sure the metal cage is securely closed. If you have trash that won’t fit in the bin, leave it inside the cabin- do not leave trash outside and not in the metal cage.
  • Please place all towels in a pile in the bathroom
  • Turn off TV’s, lights, fireplaces, and lock the house as you leave
  • Take a look around the cabin and make sure you are not leaving behind any personal belongings

If anything minor was broken or a spill occurred, please let us know so we can correct it prior to the next guest’s arrival.