Sweet Home Bearolina is located in the rural mountains near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Wildlife, including black bears, frequent the area looking for food. While black bears are typically shy and can be scared away easily by yelling, do not provoke or approach a bear. Be especially mindful of bears with cubs as this can make them more protective and aggressive.

This is a reminder to keep all food inside (including coolers), or in the bear-proof trash bins and all doors of the cabin closed at all times. Also, be sure to lock your car doors- bears are capable of opening the car door when smelling food inside.

Most importantly; DON’T FEED THE BEARS. This increases their boldness and can lead to dangerous situations for you, other people and the bear. It is also illegal and enforced.

Don’t be alarmed or concerned- bears are simply looking for easy snacks and tend to retreat quickly around humans. However, I wanted to reiterate these bear safety measures. 🐻
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